AWS CloudFront

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Improves read performance, content is cached at the edge
  • 216 points of presence globally
  • DDoS protection, integration with Shield, AWS Web Application Firewall
  • Can expose external HTTPS and can talk to internal HTTPS backends

CloudFront — Origins

  • S3 bucket
    For distributing files and caching them at the edge
    Enhanced security with CloudFront Origin Access Identity (OAI)
    CloudFront can be used as an ingress (to upload files to S3)
  • Custom Origin(HTTP)
    Application Load Balancer
    EC2 Instance
    S3 Website (must first enable the bucket as a static S3 website)
    Any HTTP backend you want

CloudFront Geo Restriction

  • You can restrict who can access your distribution
    *Whitelist: Allow your users to access your content only if they are in one of the countries on a list of approved countries
    *Blacklist: Prevent your users from accessing your content if they are in one of the countries on a blacklist of banned countries
  • The “country” is determined using a 3rd party Geo-IP database
  • Use case: Copyright Laws to control access to content

CloudFront vs S3 Cross Region Replication

  • CloudFront
  • S3 Cross Region Replication

CloudFront Caching

  • Cache base on Headers / Session Cookies / Query String Parameters
  • The cache lives at each CloudFront Edge Location
  • You want to maximize the cache hit rate to minimize requests on the origin
  • Control the TTL (0 seconds to 1 year), can be set by the origin using the Cache-Control header, Expires header…
  • You can invalidate part of the cache using the CreateInvalidation API

CloudFront Signed URL /Signed Cookies

CloudFront Signed URL vs S3 Pre-Signed URL

CloudFront — Field Level Encryption




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